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Cooper BIM

How do you realize a design-centered, high performance building given a limited budget and a variety of players with different technological experience and expectation? How do you use BIM and technology-based information exchange as more than simply a static encyclopedia of what was designed, instead using the technology as a tool in the actual creation of the building from design and planning through execution?

For Cooper Union, Synthesis' technology strategy used BIM with more precise intentions- rather than treat the model as an encyclopedic description of the completed building as-designed, modeling became the medium for negotiating the project, as it existed “in a state of becoming.” Read more »

About Marty Doscher

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Marty Doscher is founder and director of SYNTHESIS, based in Los Angeles. Mr. Doscher leverages over 15 years experience and expertise as an industry innovator and trusted advisor, cultivating technologically adept, integrated practices that deliver extraordinary results on major projects. As a practitioner, educator and advisor, Mr. Doscher is committed to advancing the design and construction industry through his leadership on technology integration. Read more »

SYNTHESIS Technology Integration

Working with you to harness technology to create, communicate and realize your vision.

Synthesis establishes and directs the most meaningful, valuable, and efficient methods to optimize the flow of information and unlock potential.

With a project driven approach, tailored to your business needs and goals, Synthesis analyzes your existing information infrastructure and helps to develop technological capacity and find elegant solutions to complex problems.

As an integrator, Synthesis works with you to implement advanced tools, workflows and delivery systems that foster collaboration with all stakeholders through every stage of a project.  Through individualized training, guidance and coaching, Synthesis cultivates technologically adept, integrated practices that deliver extraordinary results.